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July 20, 2006

Remove 'Note This' From Google Search Results

You've installed Google Notebook extension, you've used it for a week, and then decided you don't like. Then you've uninstalled the extension. But there's only one thing left: the "Note this" link from the search results that lets you add a note with the snippet you've selected.

How to remove the 'Note this' link in Firefox?

Copy this CSS code:

@-moz-document domain({{
display: none !important;

Add the code to userContent.css in your Firefox profile. The file doesn't exist by default, so you should create it in C:/ Documents and Settings/ (Username)/ Application Data /Mozilla/ Firefox/ Profiles/ (profile name)/ chrome. Then restart the browser to see the effect.

For Opera 9, copy this code:{
display: none !important;

Paste it in a blank CSS file. Go to, right-click and select "Edit site preferences", go to "Display" tab and choose as a style sheet the file you've just created.

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