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December 6, 2006

Using Google Desktop as a Google Reader Notifier

Google Desktop is a very powerful software. One of the most interesting gadgets that comes preinstalled is Web Clips, a list of the latest posts from your favorite feeds. The gadgets also shows alerts, so you'll never miss an important news. Here's how can you configure Google Desktop to show the feeds from Google Reader.

1. Copy this address:

2. Open Google Desktop, make sure the sidebar is visible. Click on the small arrow next to "Web Clips" and select options.

3. Uncheck "Automatically add clips from frequently viewed sites" and remove all the clips.

4. Paste the address from step #1, and click on the Add button.

5. Login to in Internet Explorer.

You can also subscribe to the Atom feed from step #1 using Live Bookmarks in Firefox, Opera's feed reader or other desktop client.

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